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Dear Space Swap writer...

Warning: I’m writing this and drinking at the same time. That might not be the brightest idea ever, I might just wander around ideas for a while and never quite get to them. But I need to get this done and I’m pretty dedicated to drinking right now sooo yea. I hope everything makes sense. If you find that I’m vague on info then feel free to check my other letters, which is pretty much all this blog is about. Most of these pairings I have requested before (other than the firefly one) so you might find more coherent ramblings on one of them.

Thank you so much for writing for me!! You're absolutely fabulous and I'm sure I'll love whatever you write. However I know how hard it can be to write with little direction so I thought I'd leave you a few likes/dislikes/prompts. Feel free to use them or not - I'm generally a big fan of giving someone as little info as possible and see what they come up with, but that can be really hard if it's a pairing/fandom that you just signed up with as a last minute, I could probably do it, sort of thing.

Likes and Dislikes:

I'm generally pretty easy going about these things. There are very few things I'm specific about and you know if it's something not on the list it could just be that I haven't figured out I like it yet. (The way I figured out I like ... uhm blood, is by writing a serial killer fic for a friend. You're never too old to learn things about yourself.)

The Good: AUs (College, coffee shop, etc), fake relationships, kid/family fic, slow burn, supernatural shit, arranged marriages, situational irony, comedy in general, soulmates, fluff, hurt/comfort.

The Bad: Abusive relationships, 1st or 2nd person POV, dead animals, scat, golden showers, second hand embarrassment, underage sex*, Incest **, necrophilia.

The Kinky: Mpreg, breeding/impregnantion, cum stuffing, double penetration, sloppy seconds, rimming, dirty talk, figging, large age differences (though everyone must be atleast 18), tentacles, weird alien/supernatural genitals, oviposition, sex toys, prostitution, blood kink, first time, sexual slavery, something made them do it, heat sex, knotting, cum stuffing, breeding specific dirty talk (or dirty talk in general), sexual frustration, bondage, gangbangs.

* Underage sex clarification: If the pairing specified tends to hint more towards one or more characters being underage and whatever you’re writing doesn’t work for aging them up please at least don’t specifically state them being underage. This is one of those things that doesn’t bother me a lot but I try to avoid underage whenever possible.

** Incest is a no unless the couple I request is incest, because I have all sorts of pairings that break that one so what’s even the point of listing it right?

General Squeals by Fandom:

Young Justice:

Bart Allen/Jaime Reyes

When I watched season 2 of Young Justice this pairing hit me like a truck. I absolutely adored this fandom, as I jumped in right around the time the show was getting canceled, and I still am extremely loyal to it. I love how Bart and Jaime are both very enthusiastic characters, but have this great potential for angst, especially together. For this fest I would really like something that focuses on their connection to space via the Reach. Bart having come from the Reach ruled future could have some weird cultural concepts picked up from the Reach, or a unique point of view on the Reach. Jaime has a piece of Reach Tech attached to him. I’m perfectly fine with Khaji Dah being a main character and even a participant in their relationship.

Fantastic Four:

Johnny Storm/Ben Grimm

I’m not going to lie, I forgot what I wanted from this ship between the time I did my sign ups and the time I wrote this letter (and I’m mildly tipsy while writing this which really might explain a lot.) I know I’m hoping to focus a lot on space itself, so maybe something about them before they got their powers while they’re on the space station, or going back to space for reasons. Or coping with their powers they got in space.  I’m not sure... the skies the limit... or not the limit because space.

Legends of Tomorrow:

Sara Lance | Leonard Snart/Mick Rory | Ray Palmer/Mick Rory | Ray Palmer/Leonard Snart | Ray Palmer/Mick Rory/Leonard Snart | Sara Lance/Original Female Character | Domestic Scenes aboard the Waverider | Pre-Chronos Survival Time as Stranded | Rip Hunter/Gideon

God I love this show. Sara is by far my favorite character, but I also love Leonard/Mick/Ray in any combination. I think it’s really intriquing to look at their character growth in the show, with Leonard and Mick becoming more good than bad, and Ray starting to break the rules (I’m still blown away that he helped Mick rob a bank in 2016. Like really Ray??? You’re a hero).  I love Sara’s snark and wit. I love the idea that Sara is the only one on the Waverider who can get the girl in a romantic situation. I’d also love anything about life aboard the waverider. Things like how their internal clocks adjust to time travel and how they’re all awake at 3 am because the last time line they were in it would have been like midday. Or really anything domestic, doing laundry, cooking, the general division of chores, etc.  As for Rip/Gideon I’m just going to say that a captain must know his ship. That’s it.


Jayne Cobb/Simon Tam

Firefly is an old fandom for me. It’s been a long time since I’ve read anything for it, but this is definitely my OTP. I like how they contrast so well with Simon being well cut and Jayne being so rough and tumble. I’d love anything on their relationship really. I literally have no ideas, something about them having to hide in a closet, or trying to keep their relationship secret on the ship or something, idk.  I don’t know, I need more alcohol for this.


Jimmy/Winn/Clark | Clark/Winn | Clark/Jimmy

I’ve loved Tyler Hoechlin since I first saw him in Teen Wolf, and I thought he made a wonderful superman. I totally think that Jimmy had a thing with Clark once when they worked together, and could rekindle that love. Winn totally has a crush on Clark and I’d love to see him actually get somewhere with him. I’m also totally down with a threesome. I also ship Jimmy/Winn so if you want to start with that and then add Clark I’d love that as well. I’d really love something about Clark being alien and dating human(s). If you feel smutty then I’m totally down for alien genitals or alien mating habits, but I’m perfectly fine with any rating so don’t feel pushed to write smut.

Justice League War:

Hal/Bruce | Victor/Billy

Reeby10 dragged me kicking and screaming into this fandom. I initially fought because her ship was Victor/Billy and I always think of Billy as the cute kid from Young Justice, but she finally made me watch it and I loved it. My main ship is definitely Hal/Bruce, because I just loved Hal’s sense of humor (Random Drunk Thought: I’m the only one of my friends who likes Hal, I think he’s hilarious, and just really like him.) I thought he and Bruce had some great chemistry on the show. I’m trying to figure out something to relate it to space but other than fighting an alien invasion I’ve got nothing.

Star Wars:


Yet another one I can blame Reeby10 for. (I’m sensing a pattern here) I like their antaganism, and I totally down for fucking up Kylo (probably pretty down for fucking up Hux too tbh). I suddenly desire them getting accidentally stuck on a planet (maybe Jakku) and having to wait it out till the First Order finds them, but that could just be the alcohol talking.


Hal Jordan/Thaal Sinestro

God this pairing came out of nowhere. While I do like Hal I’ve never actually read any comics about him so my entire knowledge can be summed up in a few justice league movies. But don’t let that stop you from writing (if anything it’s more of an encouragement. I’ll have no idea what’s cannon and not cannon.) Anyways, my biggest desire in this pairing is to always see Hal get fucked up. Please feel free to be as mean as you want to him. Again I will point out an alien in this ship and that I’m totally down for unconventional alien genitals (but again don’t feel pressured to write porn if that’s not your thing.)

Anyways that's about it! Thank you so much for writing for me and I wish you luck!

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